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  5. "rojmabmo' reHoHbe'."

"rojmabmo' reHoHbe'."

Translation:Because of the peace treaty, we won't kill you.

October 5, 2019



"We will not kill you because of the peace treaty." seems not to be an accepted translation (despite it being equivalent in meaning and a much less awkward way of conveying the idea) - so how would you say this in Klingon?


Your sentence says basically the same thing and just changes the order. In the Klingon sentence, "Because of the peace treaty" comes first, so we expect it to also come first in the English. Sometimes the order of the "cause" and "effect" might be presented in a specific order for a specific reason, so we expect you to maintain that order unless the grammar requires you to change it. In addition, since Klingon grammar does put some things in the same order as English and some things in the opposite order as English, we want you to always be paying careful attention to order and we do not want to encourage alternate orders even when they mean essentially the same thing.


While I agree with this sentiment, in general, your statement is not generally true on duolingo. Sometimes, even the recommended answer is alternated.


You are correct. This is not a general rule on Duolingo. This is a decision we have made specifically for the Klingon course due to the particular challenges with the Klingon language.


Since I made the first post I have noticed numerous instances in which Duolingo accepts English translations of Klingon sentences involving the suffix -mo' using either word order (with "because" as the first word AND with "because" elsewhere in the sentence). While I really enjoy memorizing new Klingon words and learning grammar, I am admittedly resistant to the idea of having to remember which Duolingo exercises were programmed to accept only one of the two perfectly legitimate placements of the word "because" in translating Klingon sentences involving the suffix -mo' and which ones allow both.

Some examples where Duolingo allows either placement of "because" for the English translation:

QuchDaj Habmo' luvaq toDujlImo' qavuv reH bIngormo' qalobQo' mabuDbe'mo' maQap paSmo' Sogh qun HoD QuchwIj 'IHmo' muHo'. turghal Quch 'IHmo' ghal lurveng.

...and here’s one (of several) where the English is provided without “Because” being the first word in the sentence, yet in Klingon the word with the -mo suffix goes first (contradicting the whole “...so we expect it to also come first in the English”):

I am happy because of my religion. We admire her because of her impressive forehead.

For the Klingon example sentence: wa'Hu' choqunmo', DaHjaj jIQuchbe'. Duolingo provides Another Correct Solution: “I am not happy today because you scolded me yesterday.”

So how do I reliably detect which sentences require preserving the Klingon word order (where I am required by Duolingo to place “Because” at the beginning of my English translation) and which ones don’t?


Drat! - darn text reformatting!

Here are those sentences again but with some pipes to make it clearer where the breaks are:

| QuchDaj Habmo' luvaq | toDujlImo' qavuv | reH bIngormo' qalobQo' | mabuDbe'mo' maQap | paSmo' Sogh qun HoD | QuchwIj 'IHmo' muHo' | turghal Quch 'IHmo' ghal lurveng |


You can force a single line break by adding two spaces to the end of the line.


You don't have to remember which sentences are which. Keeping the order the same in both languages is ALWAYS accepted and always appropriate. Just always put your translation in the same order and there's no tracking or detecting that needs to be done.

When we first started creating this course, we were not being as strict and later realized that it was necessary to be more strict. You may still find sentence that accept the translation either way and you may even find sentences that present the best translation in reverse order. We are changing those as we find them, but haven't taken the time to hunt them all down in the database.

Since you provided some specific sentences, I'll see if I can track those down and make them more consistent with the rest of the course.


If you find any more of those, it would be great if you could either report that your answer should have been accept and/or come to the sentence discussion to tell us about it. Our tools make it easy to go straight to that sentence in those cases.


Don't worry - I'm an avid reporter! Thanks for the tip on forcing line breaks!


Why not Because of the treaty, we won't kill you.. Is peace essential to the statement?


roj is the word for "peace", so a rojmab is specifically a "peace treaty". There are other kind of mab, so since the word roj is included here, we ask you to include the word "peace" here.

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