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So I’ve finished the Arabic course.

So I’ve finished the Arabic course.

Although it was fun, I am left with a sense of unfinished business. I’m still not able to engage in a basic conversation nor can I order my groceries or count beyond 10.

I’m sure there will be a part 2 of this course. And I can hardly wait. I really want to be able to talk with and follow the conversations of my neighbours.

The strength of this course is also its weakness. I like the almost endless practicing of reading the words. It helps me automating reading.

Now when I choose to practice I get 80% reading words and only 20% learning vocabulary and phases. I wish I could choose which I want to practice.

The end of the course feels rushed. I loved the extra information you could get in the first 2/3 of the course. But with the last lessons there is none.

So this course was great for learning how to read. And now I can’t wait for part 2.

October 5, 2019



I too have finished it and feel it has given me a good grounding but that it doesn't go nearly far enough. I really really hope they will extend it soon.

I am working through the memrise courses to learn more and am finding them very helpful although I wish there was a way to type the answers as there is on duo's desktop version as I remember words better when I have typed them.

I am also watching arabic tv shows on Netflix as they recently added lots. But I just don't have the vocabulary or grammatical understanding to make the jump to understanding more than the occasional word and phrase. I need duolingo to take me further before I can take off on my own.

Please Duo, we want more!


You can actually go into typing mode. As soon as you’ve finished getting a lesson to level 1 you can choose “use keyboard” on the bottom of the screen. And it’ll allow you to type the words instead of using a word bank.


omg this is huge thanks for the tip


Hello bookrabbit, would you kindly recommend any Arabic TV shows on Netflix?


Alex--I don't know about Netflix, but if you want to look at some material in dialect you can enjoy a lot of music with translation and transliteration on youtube, eg. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FR-1hOzH0o Obv there are pros and cons to amya vs. fus'ha and shows vs songs but I personally find it more engaging to follow along to good music than to shows:)


It's good idea, I also English and I hear English songs to learn


Like as Rockababy, Senorita , Titanic and etc


Is the video age restricted?? Because it doesn't work with me


Hi Bookrabbit....which shows please on Netflix?

I have tried a few but the language is so complex or fast. At the moment I'm enjoying a teen drama Free Rein ...lots of horses to watch )) and everyday language dubbed very clearly. Would love other recommendations please ...I know it's very subjective but still might be perfect.

Thanks... Talei


I haven't completed the course but I would like to ask... Does anyone else seem messed up? ع shows up as 3 in translations such as عٌ being 3u or إِ being 2i.

I'm trying to learn so I can talk to my mother in law. I don't want my wife to have to always translate for me.

As for other resources, my wife advised me against music since people sing differently than they speak like drawing out words or using slang terms and to avoid shows because they could be a regional dialect such as Algerian which uses Arabic and French mixed together. She suggested to me that I read the Qu'ran since it uses proper terms and writing.

Good luck everyone.


what a great wife.


Hi.. Im listening to a free podcast... arabic with Sam...lots of unnecessary chat but lots of useful arabic and good explanations I find. Good points re music and shows.


His youtube videos are great!


What a great son-in-law.


I don't know about that. The last time I talked to her on the phone she couldn't stop laughing were I was trying to speak Arabic. She was happy though.


Do you want to learn Arabic from your mother


I do not understand your questions and yes songs are very colloquial and well done in your Koran we also learn Arabic from him , and your wife is very wonderful, what is your mother tongue


No questions. My mother in law speaks Arabic and French.


Where are you from??


Nice work!

100% agree with you.

I hope I will learn to read Arabic with this course


Hello I am an Arab can you speak Arabic with me??


يمكنك التحدث معى ان اردت


I am waiting for the next course : )


I am short before finishing it and I enjoyed the refresher after having studied some Arabic 20 years ago.

I really hope that that Duo will add more lessons or a second part because there is so much not covered by the available lessons.

But I agree that there are additional hints and explanations missing int the later lessons. I guess if I had not known some Arabic before I would have had a hard time.

And another wish I have is that Duo should mark if a sentence or phrase is MSA or dialect (and which dialect). Or maybe be a bit more careful with mixing MSA and dialects.


It's wonderful! Have you finished 5 levels?


I’ve finished all but the last 4 lessons at lvl5


I suspected that apps give only the basis.


Not even the basics. It only teaches you to read and only words that support the lessons. Nothing I could use on day by day basis.


No I just finish 2 levels


Maybe the lacking part is in the other three levels. I just started. I haven't decided between Chinese, Arabic and Turkish yet. Chinese is obviously more useful, I like Arabic better, and the University where I study English speciales in Turkish. I like Japanese, my daughter persuades me to learn Korean. The last two are out of the question. Today I tried to find the transcription of Arabic songs, I simultaneously listened to Umm Kulthum, she was the greatest, it's impossible to keep calm listening her. I only found the Turkish song with transcription, I sang it, I'm so excited. What would happen if I sang an Arabic song!


Having studied Arabic many years ago, I was happy to take on this course, and it has been a very useful refresher andI also improved my hitherto inexistent arabic typing skills. But I have been doing the course backwards, starting with the most advanced lessons and slowly going back to the beginners'. This is to ensure I do pick up everything that I can, whilst waiting for DuoLingo to add more levels on. And yes, it is frustrating, but I think that the slow solid approach here is the right one.


I also just finished the Arabic. I have some views on it. I'd like to hear what others think. First of all I have studied Arabic before so that gave me an advantage. At first I really hated the Duolingo Arabic. Partially because I already knew the alphabet and partially because the sentences seemed so useless. It did get better as I went along. That being said, there are still some major problems. First, of course, it's too short. It also does not explain anything. Luckily I studied Arabic before so I knew some of the grammar but if I hadn't, I think it would have been much more difficult. Another problem is that the speaking doesn't sound natural at all. It sounds choppy and hard to understand. The last problem I saw was that sometimes the speaker is pronouncing the words in MSA (Modern Standard Arabic) but sometimes it is pronounced as if it were a dialect. Consistency with pronunciation is an issue. I feel that Duolingo Arabic should be MSA. If you are good at it, learning dialects will be easier unless you're learning Moroccan or a very different type of dialect. Overall, it's a good start for Duolingo but there is tons of room for improving this language.


You will never (and I mean NEVER) get conversational in any language by using Duolingo. Even if this was a proper tree - which is definitely not, it's like one third of the normal trees of the well-built courses - it would still not get you conversational. I've spent 3 years on Duolingo, I know what I'm talking about. If you want to learn to speak you'd better look for an audio-only course like Pimsleur which is very good (I don’t know if they have arabic though) and find a native speaker to talk with. Watching videos and tv shows can help you a great deal as well.


I’ve been on Duolingo for 6 years. And I’ve come quite far with Danish and French. And I was able to have basic conversations with them.

I was even able to understand all what was said in church when I was on vacation to Denmark.


Great! Inspires hope! Listening is my lack. Films don't help matters.


If films don't help with listening, I don't know what will... You should watch films with subtitles in the target language (not translated in english, you can use english when you watch a second time, to get full grasp of what's being said). And not only films, tv-shows, youtube videos, whatever.
Also songs help a lot, find a kind of music you like and study the lyrics.
And see if you can find an audio course, it helps immensely with listening as well as speaking. I've found the pimsleur russian and german courses online. It's the next best thing to get you talking besides having a native tutor.


Thanks a lot. I study English). It's my favorite. The second, I have to choose oriental language. There is no incentive,and I don't wanna go there.On the basis of utility, there are more Chinese than Arabs.

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