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So I’ve finished the Arabic course.

So I’ve finished the Arabic course.

Although it was fun, I am left with a sense of unfinished business. I’m still not able to engage in a basic conversation nor can I order my groceries or count beyond 10.

I’m sure there will be a part 2 of this course. And I can hardly wait. I really want to be able to talk with and follow the conversations of my neighbours.

The strength of this course is also its weakness. I like the almost endless practicing of reading the words. It helps me automating reading.

Now when I choose to practice I get 80% reading words and only 20% learning vocabulary and phases. I wish I could choose which I want to practice.

The end of the course feels rushed. I loved the extra information you could get in the first 2/3 of the course. But with the last lessons there is none.

So this course was great for learning how to read. And now I can’t wait for part 2.

October 5, 2019



Nice work!

100% agree with you.

I hope I will learn to read Arabic with this course


I haven't completed the course but I would like to ask... Does anyone else seem messed up? ع shows up as 3 in translations such as عٌ being 3u or إِ being 2i.

I'm trying to learn so I can talk to my mother in law. I don't want my wife to have to always translate for me.

As for other resources, my wife advised me against music since people sing differently than they speak like drawing out words or using slang terms and to avoid shows because they could be a regional dialect such as Algerian which uses Arabic and French mixed together. She suggested to me that I read the Qu'ran since it uses proper terms and writing.

Good luck everyone.


what a great wife.


Hi.. Im listening to a free podcast... arabic with Sam...lots of unnecessary chat but lots of useful arabic and good explanations I find. Good points re music and shows.


What a great son-in-law.


I do not understand your questions and yes songs are very colloquial and well done in your Koran we also learn Arabic from him , and your wife is very wonderful, what is your mother tongue


Congrats! What other resources have you enjoyed for Arabic study?

The topics from pictures on or so that don’t have tips and notes yet are fun. It would be nice for tge contributors to add tge tips

It will be nice if the audio and font size are improved at some point


I’ve gotten used to the font size so it doesn’t bother me anymore.

Duolingo and my Syrian neighbours were my only recourses for now. I had high hopes for Duolingo, because I had great success with other courses like Danish and French early on. So an expansion for this course is highly needed.


I too have finished it and feel it has given me a good grounding but that it doesn't go nearly far enough. I really really hope they will extend it soon.

I am working through the memrise courses to learn more and am finding them very helpful although I wish there was a way to type the answers as there is on duo's desktop version as I remember words better when I have typed them.

I am also watching arabic tv shows on Netflix as they recently added lots. But I just don't have the vocabulary or grammatical understanding to make the jump to understanding more than the occasional word and phrase. I need duolingo to take me further before I can take off on my own.

Please Duo, we want more!


You can actually go into typing mode. As soon as you’ve finished getting a lesson to level 1 you can choose “use keyboard” on the bottom of the screen. And it’ll allow you to type the words instead of using a word bank.


Hello bookrabbit, would you kindly recommend any Arabic TV shows on Netflix?


Hello I am an Arab can you speak Arabic with me??

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