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"E kuke kākou ma ka lumi kuke."

Translation:Let's cook in the kitchen.

October 5, 2019



why isn't "We all cook in the kitchen" also correct?


"We all cook in the kitchen," is a statement about something that happens. Without the "E" at the start, that is what it would mean. But the "E" is an imperative and means your are saying that it is what should happen, not what does happen. For you plus others, English usually represents this with "Let's..."


thanks. I looked it up in the hawaiian dictionary and finally figured out the "let's" part. again, thanks for responding.


What's the difference between kākou and kāua in this situation? I've seen some things, like this sentence, that use kākou. But I've seen others with similar translations that say kāua and that kākou is wrong. So chat's the rule about that, or is there one?


I think (but am not certain!) That kākou is "us all" and kāua is "you and I" so basically it's the difference between 2 people, or 3+

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