"Plurimas gemmas colligitis."

Translation:You collect very many gems.

October 6, 2019

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Good to know freemium gaming was booming in ancient Rome.


since gemmas means both gems and jewels, why not accept jewels?


You should be accepted as the normal for 2nd person plural. "You all" is parochial US language. Fine to indicate the plural ..... but not acceptable as normal. (In my Oh so humble opinion!)


Gemmae non sunt, sed "lingots".


No, it's even more numerous than numerous. You'd need a superlative.

Numerous is multae.


The problem is that this word plurimus is used again and again in this course, in places where one would use multus, and with the meaning of multus. Plurimus means "most" or "a majority of". It is also translated with "very many", but I guess that doesn't capture the essence of the word. In the case shown in the sentence, I guess "lots of" would have been the most common choice of words.


What about using "a lot" instead of "very many" - it flows better in English? - but it is not accepted in duolingo - is there a reason?


am i the only one who heard Colligit IS? he collects. seems like accent was on last syllable.


Can't you also say "Very many collect gems" as in very many people collect gems?


Plurimas is not a nominative form (it is accusative, the receiver of the verb action), which means it cannot represent the subject (the ones doing the collecting). The verb is also second person. So, no plurimas gemmas colligitis cannot be translated as very many collect gems.

You would need a sentence more like plurimi gemmas colligunt.

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