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  5. "Quot crustula Marcus velit?"

"Quot crustula Marcus velit?"

Translation:How many cookies would Marcus like?

October 6, 2019



if i have to say ' how many cookies would mother like?'...is ' quot crustula matrem velit?' correct? Thanks for your help!


matrem should be mater


Could 'biscuits' instead of 'cookies' be accepted by the system too, please


Can anybody help me understand the difference between "quot" and "quanti"?


"Quot" means "how much" or "how many." "Quanti" is the genitive form of "quantus," which also means "how much/many," but in the genitive, "quanti" literally means something like "of how much [money]." In short, "quanti" is asking about a price, and "quot" is simply "how much/many."


Thank you for this explanation. I know Duolingo shies away from literal translations, preferring that students learn the more idiomatic meanings of things, but your explanation of the literal meaning of "quanti" has helped my understanding immensely.

Is "quot" itself a modification / perversion of the nominative "quantus," or is it a separate word entirely? Can "quantus" be used in other cases, or only in the genitive (e.g., "quanti viri sunt" "how many books are there," with "quantus" in the nominative plural masculine to agree with "viri")?


Based on the etymologies on Wiktionary, the words are unrelated. Definitions I've seen list "how many" as a definition for "quantus," so I assume "Quanti viri" is fine, but I'm really no expert.


Thanks again! This has been very helpful.

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