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"The most stupid comment that I have ever read."

Translation:Komentar paling bodoh yang pernah saya baca.

October 6, 2019



would “komentar yang paling bodoh yang pernah saya baca” be correct too?


I tried komentar yang terbodoh yang pernah saya baca. It was accepted.


Many thanks for letting us know yipivan! Information like this on forum.duolingo is very helpful and often the only way to get our questions solved.


Again! 'Membaca' not accepted. I really do not understand this. I had this before with 'tulis/menulis'.


See https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/30424442 for an answer by native speaker WayangOrang, re similar sentence and same question from attilagaspar Saya suka membaca komentar tentang berita yang saya baca.

Tldr: even though it doesn't look passive to us, what follows the 'yang' is passive and you can't use the active 'me---' form.

Here are the lesson notes on Passive Types 1 and 2, very helpful: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/31279476


There are pronunciation of three Indonesian words throughout these lessons. They are:

  1. Read - Baca - In English would be pronounced "Bacha" with the "ch" sound as in such or much. The This is often being read as "Baka" with the "c" pronounced as in Cup. This is incorrect and sounds really silly.

  2. Part - Bagian - the of the "g" is as in "garden". It is often pronounced Bajian with the "g" sound as in general.

  3. Sup - Soup. The "u" should be pronounced as "oo" as in soon. This is the same as the European "u" sound.



Kenapa itu bukan 'Komentar paling bodoh yang saya pernah baca'?

Terimakasih untuk jawaban~

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