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  5. "هُناك مَطَر."

"هُناك مَطَر."

Translation:There is rain.

October 6, 2019



Is thia how you say - it is raining?

October 6, 2019


hmm to be precise, it is raining would be إنها تُمْطِر (innahá tumTir).

October 6, 2019


so, when do you use "هُناك مَطَر. in a context?

in german e.g. you use the literal translation of "there is rain" in a context like "it is going to be rainy". for my understanding "there is rain" sounds weird, when I imagine standing infront of a window, looking outside, seeing the rain, then I would say, "Its raining" or "its rainy"

It is hard to understand the arabic, when you not even understand the english sentence :')

October 11, 2019


Yes it might be strange a bit. Even for me as a native. In situations where it is raining it is most probably translated to إنها تمطر (it is raining). Anyway, all I can add to this is that it is a direct translation to There is rain and nothing more. Other expressions I could think of which involve rain:

  • Rainy night: ليلة ممطرة (laylatun mumTirah).
  • Rainy day: يوم ممطر (yawmun mumTir).
  • Rainforest: غابة مطيرة (ğábatun maTírah).
  • Heavy rain: مطر غزير (maTarun ğazír).
  • Rainy weather: جو ممطر (jawwun mumTir).

ğ = French "R" sound.

October 11, 2019
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