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  5. What is ''kion''????


What is ''kion''????

I need some help: can someone explain me what is it ''kion'', and how can I use it?

October 6, 2019



If you can speak Polish, because of the flag:

W tym linku są wyjaśnione koleratywy: https://pl.wiktionary.org/wiki/Aneks:Esperanto_-_Korelatywy

Kion? to pytanie w bierniku, np. Kion vi vidas? (co Ty widzisz?) Mi vidas tablon. (Widzę stół.) Kio? to pytanie w mianowniku, np. Kio estas tio? (co to jest?) Tio estas tablo. (Tio jest stół.)

for English speakers: There is an accusative ending which is used for nouns, adjectives and pronouns in both the singular and plural: -n, e.g. Mi vidas aŭton. Aŭton mi vidas. (I see the car.) URL: http://lingvo.info/en/lingvopedia/esperanto


Kion vi faras? → Vi lernas Esperanton! (kion = kio-n) Kio estas Esperanto? Esperanto estas lingvo.


Who eats what? Kiu mangas kion? What eats whom? Kio mangas kiun? We almost never change our endings in English, so I try to remember other languages as: the direct object does a verb to the indirect object.


I think that might more correctly be 'the subject does a verb to the direct object'.


JECfromMC must certainly be correct. I am at a disadvantage because I am a product of the Los Angeles County School System. We did not learn subject, object, noun, verb, adverb, subjunctive phrases, and other intelligent things until or unless foreign language studies became available. I learned grammar when I started learning French (from a German-born teacher) in 10th grade (first year high school, 1974).

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