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  5. "How is your defence?"

"How is your defence?"

Translation:Bagaimana pertahanan kalian?

October 6, 2019




  • The prefix pe- and the affix -an are used to form nouns

  • Pertahanan means defense

  • The root is tahan (verb) which means to defend, to hold on_, to whitstand


typo error: defense


Thank you , you are right , the King’s English supports “defense”.I stand corrected as so often in my Duolingo lessons ! However especially with Duolingo’s headquarter located in Pennsylvania USA , who would expect English Spelling First in the land of “America First


The above message was cut off . the remainder follows here : May I take the opportunity to add my sincere thanks to you and your colleague volunteers for your tremendous supportof us struggling learners?Especially the discuss sections with your explanations make all the difference between getting hopelessly stuck versus being able to advance while enjoying the learning process. Terima kasih banyak !


I truly wrote defence , with a C but the spelling check got me .


I don't think defence is a word in American English. Is this meant for UK?

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