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  5. "How many graves are there?"

"How many graves are there?"

Translation:Quot sepulchra sunt?

October 6, 2019



Parent section: "How many graves are there?" Batman: ...




Why does sepulchra end in a?


Sepulchrum, sepulchri is a word of the second declension NEUTRAL. Plural for nominative, vocative and accusative is made with "-a".


As many as Rome's enemies.


This question was brought to you by a drunk parrot.


Why cannot I use quomodo instead


quomodo is 'how' as in 'in what manner', 'in what way'.

quot is 'how many'. Asking for an amount.

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If you hover over 'are there', you get only 'suntne', which is not offered by the word bank. The correct answer is 'sunt', which is NOT in the drop down. Please fix either the word bank and correct answer; or the drop down.


Don't ask them to fix it here: just report it with "the dictionary hints are wrong or missing", in the report button.

As a rule, do not rely on the hints, they cannot understand the sentences.

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When you hit "the dictionary hints are wrong", there is no option to explain WHAT is wrong. So we're putting details here. Please don't assume that everyone who comments here is too stupid to have reported the problem. And the goal of reporting is to improve the process, so the next person doesn't suffer the same issues. So 'do not rely on the hints' is not a helpful thing to say.


When I need to explain my selection while reporting I choose the appropriate category and also check the something else category so I can explain. I'm not sure if it helps (are visible together or they get dumped into separate categories), but that's my solution. I'm also assuming that the ability to select multiple reasons is not exclusive to the Android platform.


Shepulchra is such a grim sounding word


Well, he's been sacrificing daily, so quite a few, I should think... ;)

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