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In-person teaching using DuoLingo


I'm planning on teaching English to native Spanish speakers of all ages. I'm thinking I'm going to use DuoLingo for a big chunk of the lessons. What that would look like would probably be something along the lines of this:

I hook my computer up to a projector. I start English lessons on DuoLingo. Students write out their answers on paper. I call a student up to the front to give me their answer. I type it in. I ask the class if they think it's right or wrong, and why. Finally, I submit the answer and display the result.

I know this seems a little silly as they could do this without a teacher and without a class. But there are clear benefits to doing it in a classroom, as opposed to at home: the ability to mix in other types of teaching (not just DuoLingo), social encouragement and a joyful learning environment, the ability to ask questions, and the fact that you they won't need a phone/computer.

My question is, are there any flaws with this plan that I'm not seeing? Any recommendations/insights anyone could share with me for teaching/learning English in general?

Thanks, Asher

October 6, 2019



I think you should check out Duolingo for Schools:

Duo for schools guide (old but detailed):

For Parents:

Good Studies!

Edit, oh haha. Just realized you are already in the Educator's Forum.


Thanks, hadn't seen this.


I suggest you invest in mini-whiteboards and dry-erase markers. Have everybody hold up their whiteboards as you walk around the class, commenting on, "You missed a letter," or "Check your subject-verb agreement," etc. When everyone is ready, randomly choose one lucky person to type in the answer.

When they get really good, you can have them add information to the sentences. Or write follow-up sentences. Or change the sentences into questions, or past tense, etc.

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