"Por favor"


April 22, 2013

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Portuguese is very similar to Spanish...I actually don't recommend learning both at the same time. You could mess up a lot of terms and words.


I started learning Spanish in school in 4th grade, and we still learn Spanish in 7th grade. I just started Portugese, like 3 days ago. That's ok, right? I don't wanna get an F in Spanish because I'm writing in Portugese. ;) :D


I am not sure I understand your question, but literally it says "by favor", which is how we say "please". =)


It says Please, "Por is pronounced 'pour' and favor is pronounced 'fa' with a long 'A' 'vour'


Duolingo apparently has a flaw in its way of teaching languages, since translating every single word is not the way a language should be taught, but instead through the translation of ideas or phrases as a whole. "Por favor" just means "please", why does it uses to words? because that's the way portuguese works, and instead of translating por and favor, it should be considered a single "word-phrase"


It was probably because of the beta, it's fixed, and it shows "please". To know the litteral meaning is also interesting ^^

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