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"I am from a small Palestinian city."

Translation:أَنا مِن مَدينة فِلَسْطينِيّة صَغيرة.

October 6, 2019



Why isn't

أَنا مِن مَدينة صَغيرة فِلَسْطينِيّة



nvrslps, the structure of "أنا مِن مَدينة صَغيرة فِلَسْطينية" has changed the order of its attributive adjectives of "مَدينة". It means: "I am from a Palestinian small city".


Some word orders are correct, others not. I am happy DL does not accept the wrong ones. You simply do not say Palestinian small city in English, even though it is hard to misunderstand.


Can it also be,

أَنا مِن مَدينة صَغيرة في فِلَسْطين


ASax08, "أنا من مَدينة صَغيرة في فِلَسْطين" means "I am from a small town in Palestine."


Why do they always make this mistake they just directly put the english and change it onto arabic not like the real sentence in arabic


The word order makes no difference in this sentence! If you follow the Engish, having "small" before "Palestinian" makes no difference in English or in Arabic. There is no justification foe marking anyone incorrect if they translate the English because there is no interpretation required. 20210319

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