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  5. "You like very many fish."

"You like very many fish."

Translation:Plurimi pisces tibi placent.

October 7, 2019



what's the difference between plurimi and plurimos?


plurimi here is nominative plural case (nominative case being the subject of the sentence, the one 'doing' the 'verb').

plurimos would be the accusative plural case (the accusative is often the direct object, the one the 'verb' is 'performed' upon).

Since, plurimi is an adjective it has to agree in case with the noun it modifies. Here, pisces.


Why isn't 'plurimi pisces' in the nominative? I usually understand when to use the accusative or nominative, but I'm completely stumped this time.


Plurimi pisces is in the nominative (plural). It is the subject of placent, the thing doing the 'pleasing'/'is liked'.


Didatic explanation. Thank you Moopish

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