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My journey with Latin

I started on Latin largely to start the habit of learning a language. I'm not concerned about speaking it, so it has allowed me to do some exercises every day without worrying about where I am or how much time I have to practice speaking and listening.

Now, I've restarted learning Spanish and I've realized just how influential Latin is. I've just hit my 30 day streak with no sign of slowing down, and Latin has definitely helped me remember my Spanish much faster. I'm not abandoning Latin, because it has been fun and the tree is not too intimidating, but I have slowed down.

I doubt I would have even made it three days attempting to learn another language. As someone who struggles to start habits, Latin proved to be the best possible language to help me work on my dream of being multilingual. Thank you so much to Duolingo for adding Latin and thank you to all the contributors for your hard work!

October 7, 2019



I am very happy with Latin too, so interesting!


how can you study so many idioms like that ???


Nice to see how you appreciate the Latin course. I love it too. I would encourage you to speak (or repeat) all the sentences out loud so you trigger your muscle memory. I'm at the point where I can start inventing sentences, so I will randomly tell my son (in a fake orator's voice) things like "the tired tutor-slave goes to the forum with his angry parrot." Or my favorite, "There's a dirty poop floating in the toilet." The writers of the Latin course have a great sense of humor and the voices that read the sentences really bring them alive.


Yes, but one of the only times I've ever really confused languages was with Latin and Spanish - when trying to do the Latin exercises too quickly and not concentrating properly, I sometimes found myself typing Spanish words.

But now with a complete gold tree in Latin :) that won't be a problem here for me - until they update the Latin course, but I think that's at least a few months away.


. . . confused languages was with Latin and Spanish

French from Spanish (or Spanish from French, I forget which) was that way for me. But actually by staying with it my confusion passed . . . at least for those two languages :) .

. . . complete gold tree in Latin


. . . Today will be my complete gold Latin tree. Definitely I'll keep on w/ Latin (I've been doing plenty away from Duo) but am not sure what to do next here . . . improve French, Russian, or Spanish? . . . become functional in Swedish? . . . tackle German? . . . Japanese or Chinese would definitely be great, but I'm probably too old . . . ah, if Duolingo only had Ancient Greek I'd brush it up (well, relearn from the beginning), as that's what is most interesting to me.


Never say you are too old, slogger! Congrats to you and Temblo for your golden Latin trees and high levels.


Thank you for the congratulations.

jairapetyan, I'm Tembo not Temblo (not a problem - you can call me whatever you like). Tembo=Elephant in Swahili, although in Sheng it's taking on the meaning "Beer" after a major Kenyan brand of beer. Or "Drunk", or generally unable to stand up...


Never say 'never say you are too old' until you've become old. Si jeunesse savait, si vieillesse pouvait! ;)

Thanks for the congrats!


Slogger - couldn't agree more with you - especially re Ancient/Classical Greek. Cheers


Wouldn't it be a great course! (Cool monicker.)


Do you get noticed when the course is updated?


No idea. Probably yes. But this is only a Beta and it's very limited, so the "full" version is not likely to appear any time soon.


Because I think it will take some time, I'd like to get noticed.


What is a complete gold tree? I am kind of new to Duolingo and still learning these things.


It means completing a course: getting all the way through a course, all five levels.


You will see a Golden Owl appear at the bottom of your tree when you have finished all the skills to Crown Level One. When you bring a skill to Crown Level Five, you will see it turns gold. Usually when a user has a skill at this level, they can go through the review exercises quickly and with few mistakes. So if their whole tree is gold it means they can practically complete anything covered in the course. Some trees are easier to finish because there are fewer skills (such as Latin). Some trees will take much longer because the courses are very thoroughly developed and updated, such as French and Spanish. By the way, Latin will be fairly easy for you since you do French. Best wishes for fun studies!


@Tembo: I used to insert Italian words into my Spanish discourses... now I sometimes do the opposite. Even though I am punctilious to detail, I wonder if I will ever succeed in curing myself of these cross-language confusions. =D


You should also try french in this case. Around 25% of english vocabulary is from french ( Because of the french Platagenet dynasty ) and another 25% is from latin. Tat make french one of the easiest language that you may be able to learn from english. Also there is a lot of similarities between french and spanish.

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