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Τελείωσα το ελληνικό δέντρο

I finished the Greek tree – that is, I think I finished it.

Duo kindly informs me that I am a champion (mastered all skills of a course up to level 5) – does that mean that I’m done? I had to major work on the alphabet skill just at the end ??!! While the #!&+§ owl kept cracking other subjects so I had to do them over again :-D

Never a dull moment with Duo <3

That said, Duolingo has made a MAJOR difference in my efforts with this difficult language. I’ve been taking courses more or less non-stop for four years, and only when I started Duo, I began feeling just a bit of confidence. Working with the app every day (getting the nag-nag e-mails help a lot) has made all the difference. Sincere thanks going out to the Greek team, who are making this possible.

Now I’m going to step out into Greek RL (πραγματική ζωή ?) – currently on vacation in Crete <3 – and test my skills while eagerly awaiting Duo Greek 2.0 next year. And presumably more or less continuously repairing cracked skills.

All the best to you, my fellow travellers in the modern Greek language.

October 7, 2019



First of all: congratulations for your success. Your post helps me to prepare the day when i finish the greek tree. On a 157 streak i already worry a little bit about what will happen then. I also went to Crete in June and spoke as much as I could; sorry to the greek people who sometimes couldn't escape my torrent of words. Να περασεισ καλα, τα λεμε, Κονσταντινοσ


So glad you were able to use your Greek in Crete. No problem Greeks are always complimented when someone learns Greek. (Btw since our name is so important, spell it this way Κωνσταντίνος). Oh, and we're working on a new and we believe better tree.


Dear Jaye16 (guessing, what the realname might be), thank you for your reply and also the correct spelling. It's a matter of how I treat the writing in Greek. To be honest, it's still confusing with all the 'i's, so I deceided just to let it go and write as I hear the words. If you have any hint how to get better in deciding, what the right 'i' (and 'o') is, let me know. Lets try my name ... Regards Κωνσταντινοσ (not knowing how to find the right 'i' and 's' on the keyboard.


I think you have done very well and only mentioned the spelling because it's your name. We all know that it's not easy to learn Greek spelling and that which of the many "i" sounds is used each time is a problem even for native Greek speakers. I agree learning to use the language is comes first and you'll get used to the spelling later.

Have you seen the links on the Greek Forum, some of them show you how to find the Greek letters on you keyboard. Have a look here:

Here are some links that tell you about the alphabet, resources etc:

MODERN GREEK RESOURCES How to get the keyboard and much more.



And this one showing the full keyboard and where to find each letter:



Hello again, jaye16,

what can I say?

Ευχαριστώ πολύ! Did you see I made it whith the accent ;-)

These are excellent ressources which I will study immediately. Did not yet (after 157 days) look for these ressources. I guess, that's one of the great benefits of Duolingo: it makes you wanting to learn immediately. Good job!

So, thank you again, regards


P.S.: Do you reveal your first name? Is it greek too?


    To type a vowel with an accent mark, first hit the key next to L (probably shows ;) and then the vowel. The final ς is on W and the question mark in Q. :)


    Kudos to you for finishing the Greek TRee.

    Sorry the alphabet skill threw you so many problems, it's a problem skill and the new tree will be much more user friendly.

    Knowing you finished and found the course helpful is the greatest thanks we can get. According to this:


    you have finished 100% of all Skills (74), received 100% if all Crowns (370) and learned all the words (over 2000). Wow!

    Our very best wishes on a wonderful holiday in Crete...one of my favorite places. And good luck on your use of Greek, hope you find it easy to communicate, and please let us know how we can improve the course for others who will be using the language ...in real life.

    Καλό ταξίδι!

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    Bravo Mette! While you're awaiting the new El for En tree, I'd recommend having a go at the En for El tree. It's a little more advanced than this one and will help to propel you forward a bit. Good choice of holiday destination, too, IMHO it's the best part of Greece, and the southwest of Crete (Paleochora, Sougia, Loutro etc) is the prettiest part of the island if you haven't checked it out already. But then I would say that :-)

    Don't be afraid to try out your Greek at all; almost all Cretans will be very appreciative and supportive of your efforts, no matter how well or badly you speak Greek. You'll find plenty who are willing to chat and help you, especially now that the tourist season is winding to an end and most places won't be too busy.

    I'd also recommend picking up some children's books while you're here, they're also a great way to improve your skills.


    Indeed: we did Paleochora, Sougia, (Gavdos, )Loutro, Hora Sfakion by feet in June. Was fantastic!


    Congratulations! Parabéns! I am in the beginning!


      Very well done! Συγχαρητήτρια! :D


      And Congrats on getting to Crete. (Find the labyrinth for me.)

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