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  5. "I would like ten cookies."

"I would like ten cookies."

Translation:Decem crustula velim.

October 7, 2019



I just saw the month December in the word ten, decem. I'm so unworthy. Yet, why does our 12th month start with 10? Off tangent, I realize. :-)


Remember hearing March used to be the first month of the year so December would have been the tenth. Of course, I am not 100% sure since I have only heard in passing.


You're correct, later Roman historians said they used to only have 10 months and then an unorganized "winter". However there's some debate among scholars whether this legendary 10 month calendar was ever followed: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roman_calendar#Legendary_10_month_calendar


July and August screwed up the calendar so some months got switched around


There were ten months but later july and august were added named after julius and augustus caesar the first two emperors.


velim = irregular verb Present

ego velim may I wish greatly

tu velis may you wish greatlyille velit may

he/she/it wish greatlynos velimus may

we wish greatly

vos velitis may you wish greatlyilli velint may

they wish greatly


"decem crustulaS velim" is accepted but wrong (I think) I don't know how to report that.


Duolingo has added an option "My answer should not be accepted" to most of the lists for reporting errors.

Just click on the "Report" link on the question page.


I think the same waiy. Therefore I got here.


Why is it that 'I would like' is velim and not velio?


velim is a present subjunctive form (the first person singular tends to end with an m) of the irregular verb volo, velle


Should it not be crustulas because acc. pl. -um becomes -as? Or is velim an "objectless" verb like esse where both sides of the verb are nominative?


crustulum is neuter so the accusative and nominative are the same. crustula is both the nominative and accusative plural (as well as the vocative).


Moopish is correct. Latin's 2nd, 3rd, and 4th declensions all follow different endings if the noun is neuter. I suggest memorizing these charts (which may take time) on Dickinson educational pages. You can Google _(nd, rd, th, st) declension stem, paradigm, and gender, go to images, and you'll find extremely helpful charts!


What is the difference between velim and velit?


The person.

Velim -> "I would..."

Velit -> "He/she/it would..."

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