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"Pelukis itu meninggal di umur tiga puluh tujuh tahun."

Translation:That painter died at the age of thirty seven.

October 7, 2019



What could possibly be wrong with "That painter died at 37 years old"? This entire course needs reviewing by native English speakers.


Is meninggal from tinggal? So, what is the word-by-word translation? He lived in the age of 37?


Yes, the base word is "tinggal".

meninggal ==> meninggal dunia ==> to leave the world, to pass away, to die.

Pelukis itu tinggal di Jakarta.
That painter lived in Jakarta.

Pelukis itu meninggalkan Jakarta, dia pindah ke Bandung.
That painter left Jakarta, he moved to Bandung.

Pelukis itu meninggali rumah baru di Bandung.
That painter lived in (inhabited) a new house in Bandung.

Pelukis itu meninggal (dunia) pada umur 37 tahun.
That painter died (left the world, passed away) at the age of 37.


So, as I understand, the same word "tinggal" is "to live" and "to leave", isn't it?



tinggal = to live, to stay, to remain

meninggalkan = to leave (behind)


Pelukis Van Gogh, mungkin? :)

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