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  5. "Mereka tidak jatuh."

"Mereka tidak jatuh."

Translation:They do not fall.

October 7, 2019



they are not falling = mereka tidak sedang jatuh

they do not fall = mereka tidak jatuh

they are not fallen = mereka tidak terjatuh


There is an ongoing discussion on some of these threads about whether the K at the end of the word is pronounced in words like 'tidak'.

Here, the K sounds like a glottal stop. But in other cases it does seem like it is just plain missing. And in still other cases, I hear the K clearly.

I'm hoping to be able to zero in on some rules about why this happens when. Maybe it's just different in different areas of the country.


Here answer showing they are not falling, instead of they do not fall. Confused


They don't fall was accepted for me


I call a BS on this one!


Please, what does it mean in English: they do not fall?!

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