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  5. "You love our book."

"You love our book."

Translation:Nostrum librum amatis.

October 7, 2019



Could it be Librum Nostum amatis?


That's my question too. My guess is yes, since we have "matrem nostram" or "patrem nostrum", so "librum nostrum" looks on the same track.


Nostrum librum amátis.


Why is Librum nostrum vos amatis wrong ?

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Because Latin is subject-object-verb, so it needs to be "Vos nostrum librum amatis." But since the subject pronouns are optional because the way the verb conjugates tells you who the subject is, it can just be "Nostrum librum amatis."


Actually, it shouldn't technically be wrong. Latin word order is pretty fluid (changeable), and the actual word order in a sentence has more to do with convention plus whichever words you wanna emphasize. So if you essentially wanted to say "It's *our book* that you love", as opposed to, I dunno, our Parrot (haha just kidding no one in Duolingo Latin likes parrots). You could very well put Librum nostrum first.

That being said, the usual word order is subject -object-verb, so "Livia Marcum amat", rather than "Livia amat Marcum".


Why not "tu nostrum librum amatis?" Can someone explain? I'm new at Latin, self study only here...


tu is the singular 'you' pronoun. amatis is a plural 'you' form of the verb. You cannot mix number on pronoun and verb like that.

You can either do the singular 'you' : tu ... amas

Or the plural : vos ... amatis

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