"Or would we just talk about that?"

Translation:Oder würden wir nur darüber reden?

April 22, 2013

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Is this not the rule for coordinating conjunctions? When connecting sentences with coordinating conjunctions (und, aber, oder, sondern, denn), no change is made in word order from the original. It’s as if the conjunctions are just dropped into the middle of two sentences, so whatever order they had when standing alone, they retain:

Ich kann fernsehen oder ich kann Musik hören. Wer bist du, und was willst du von mir?

So, when beginning sentences with Und/oder, do we still follow the Verb in second position rule?


No. Würden is technically still in the first position because the sentence is a question. There is no change in word order with a coordinating conjunction such as the ones you listed.


what about "Oder wurden (w/ Umlaut) wir nur darüber sprechen?"


That's good too.

By the way, you can use ae/oe/ue if you can't type ä/ö/ü.


Shouldn't it be "Oder würden wir darüber nur reden?" Because the German sentence they indicate actually means "Or would we talk just about that?" I think the meaning changes.


Does it matter where the nur is placed here? And what difference does it make?


Does darum not work here?

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