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"Ayah terpaksa pergi ke kantor."

Translation:Dad is forced to go to the office.

October 7, 2019



So, again, "terpaksa" means is for when he has to go because he can only do his work there" whereas "dipaksa" is for when he is forced by his boss? Is that right?


Yes. So, for example 'you have no choice but to go there', you're doing a presentation in the office but your daughter is sick so you're "terpaksa" to get her to the doctor You're partying with your friends but your mom called you so you're "terpaksa" to go home. Sorry if my grammar was incorrect, I'm still learning CMIIW


During covid-19


Father was forced is incorrect?


No, I think it would be possible as well. Especially if this was in answer to someone asking "Where's your dad?"


I go to school, I go to the school. Dad is forced to go to office, Dad is forced to go to the office. Isn't it more natural without 'the'?


Hmm no, "the" office is the normal way to say it in English, isn't it?

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