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  5. "هٰذا صالون جَديد."

"هٰذا صالون جَديد."

Translation:This is a new living room.

October 7, 2019



What is the difference between "this is a new living room" and "this living room is new"?

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This is a new living room: Here you are pointing to some new living room, or let's say introducing one.
This living room is new: Here, you are identifying the living room to be new.

The location of the verb (to be), which is in this case "is", identifies the subject and the predicative after, or in other words, what you are introducing first, and what kind of information you want to tell about it later on.


I think danny is asking how to write them in Arabic


This is a new living room- هذا صالون جديد. This living room is new- هذا الصالون جديد.


I always thought livingroom was one word. Living room comes across as a room that is alive.


It is a room for the living.


Please edit this question to accept هٰذا without the dagger alif: هذا as standard Arabic keyboards give no easy way to type this character.

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