"Abbiamo un quarto del totale."

Translation:We have a quarter of the total.

April 22, 2013

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yes the voice does say ¨una¨ when you slow it down. but ¨quarto´ is masculine.


The slower one says "una" and the faster one the article is barely there. One of the trickier ones, but yeah. The masculinity of "quarto" is the best clue which way to go.


Have you reported it.?


i find it hard to believe that an outdated version of Flash is changing masculine articles to feminine. Just saying.


The sound didn't play in the speaking exercise


Yes, same for me. I reported it but as I'm not allowed to comment in the "report dialogue box", they will have to guess what it is I'm reporting. If only there was some way I could actually type out what the reason for the report was. Ah well, good old duo, infuriating at every step :)


The voice definitely says "una"! This needs to be fixed.


I've found that often the voice in the slower version is inaccurate so having used that version to help identify some of the words I then return to the faster version to check what I've written against that - it nearly always works.


Why can't I say "forth" instead of quarter?


I don't know where to report mistakes if not here!? This clearly says UNA quarto...check it out.


Polyglotta You're right about the "una" sound, however, this is not the place to report. After you check your answer, at the bottom of the page on the left it says:Report problem. Click there and you'll get a pop up with a few choices and also a space to write if you want.
Here's a lingot for your interest.


Sound problems are sometimes due to the following issues which were highlighted to me by the duolingo team a while ago. I quote their reply:

"Hi Chris123456,

Happy to help. There are a few reasons why this might be happening. It’s possible that you have an outdated version of Flash installed, you installed browser extensions that block Flash (i.e. Flashblock), or that Flash crashed.

Here’s what I suggest you do: 1. Try reloading the page in your browser. 2. Try quitting and restarting your browser. 3. If 1 and 2 don’t do the trick, update Flash Here’s a helpful link to get you on your way: http://www.adobe.com/go/EN_US-H-GET-FLASH 4. Try removing/disabling browser extensions Some tips for how to do that in specific browsers: Chrome - http://support.google.com/chrome/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=113907 IE - http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-vista/internet-explorer-add-ons-frequently-asked-questions Firefox - http://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/disable-or-remove-add-ons#w_how-to-disable-extensions-themes-and-plugins Let me know if this helps you!

Team Duolingo"

Hope this helps you.


These "sound" problems only happen to me on Italian and occur every single time I try to slow play the sentences. There are these heavy breaths that frequently punctuate the beginning and end of the words. This does not happen at all on any of the other languages I've learned (French, German, and Spanish), and given that these problems apparently cause problems for many people, I can only conclude that the problem is on duolingo's end and not ours.


I agree and have reported it.


Chris123456Thank you for passing this on. A lingot for your thoughtfulness.


It isn't allowing "whole" in place of "total" now when it did before???


Di and Del difference?


Is "We have a quarter of the total" a legit sentence? I am wondering (non native speaker).


Yes, it's perfectly fine. You could also say "one quarter".


There is no sound on this one (but you can always cheat by using the word bank, lol.) Problem reported.


In multiple instances, no audio played for this sentence during my review. Browser refresh did not help. Reported.


No audio plays


The chick clearly said "una". That didn't make sense because of "quarto" but it seems like duolingo throws excpetions to the rule in all the time, so I assumed this was one of them!


Further to this thread, come se dice:

We have a quarter in total?

Grazie mille.

Hey, everyone lay off DuoLingo! It's free ain't it?!


There's a fricative buzz in the full-speed audio for "un quarto del totale" around the l in "totale." It sounds more like "dese totale" or, I suppose, "des' totale". When I only listened (i.e., before reading the available choices), I could not make sense of it.


Oops, I meant L in "del"


pronunciation of del is slurred.

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