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Where can I see a list of words I've already learned?

I can remember them if I see them, but just trying to just recall them leaves me with a big blank.

And I wasn't writing them down as I went. I'm learning Esperanto. I'd like to go back and practice with all of the words I've learned and play with them, but I can't find the list.


October 7, 2019



Oh geez. Thanks. Had no idea this existed!


Thank you as well... Some words "bit rot" after a while and need review as the course advances. I also had no idea this existed.


I noticed that this tool, doesn't actually have all of the words that I've learned like pluvas and negxas. I'm a teeny bit bummed about that. But the tool is good.


Hmm, you are right! Wow, I wonder why they are missing?


On the plus side, your brain is complaining about the missing words.

It knows them, but maybe lacks the motivation to dig them up - here it felt short-changed, and complained about the situation.

I find forcing myself to talk about my day - internally where necessary - to make the words 'real' to be a big help.

"Mi volas trinki."

"Kion mi volas trinki?"

"Mi volas trinki akvon."

"Kie estas la akvo?"

"La akvo estas en la... la... granda blanka malvarma afero tie."

As you hit words you don't know, make a note of what words you need to look up.

It feels silly at first, but for me the vocabulary and power of expression soon grow, and much faster than trying to memorise contextless wordlists.

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