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  5. "The big shirt."

"The big shirt."

Translation:Το μεγάλο πουκάμισο.

October 7, 2019



The term πουκάμισο is mostly referring to a button-down instead of a shirt (which is a μπλούζα - long sleeved shirt/blouse)


It's true that the Clothing vocabulary translation has been giving some trouble to all Duolingo courses. For my target languages, I personally like using Google Images in such cases - it makes learning a word much easier. In our case here, Google returns results for button-up and button-down shirts as well.


Yes, all the image search results for πουκάμισο fall under the category of what I'd call a shirt in English. But then in my variety of English, "button-down shirt" is a subclass of shirts, not a category that's separate from shirts.

The things called μπλούζα would be "sweatshirt" or "long-sleeved T-shirt" or just "top" to me.

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