"Les robes sont rouges."

Translation:The dresses are red.

April 22, 2013

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How do we know when to write "Le robe" or "Les robes" when there is little to no difference in the pronunciation? Is it something that my ears are just no accustomed to?


you would not write "le robe" because "robe" is feminine: La robe.

maybe you should use Google/Translate to listen to the differences between "le", "la" and "les", until you clearly hear them.


does that mean that when it is always plural it will alwayd be les with an e even if its feminine?


Yes, in the plural, "le" and "la" both become "les". Listen closely because "Le" does NOT sound like "Les".


In this sentence the verb ends up being "sont" which is 3rd person plural, so the subject must be plural, so it must be "les" not "la"


"Les" means that the word you are talking about is a plural noun. "Le/La" means that the word you are talking about is a singular noun.


I usually listen to the verb, when it's some form of plural, I can be sure that it is Les.


It says 'sont' which means 'are'. So you know when it is 'les' because its plural


Always LA ROBE, and never le robe. I think you make the confusion with "les robes". "le" doesn't sound like "les", train you ear to learn to distinguish "le" and "les".


Le robe est & les robes sont Sont is plural and est is singular.
Hope that helps.


thank you! I needed that help...... mabey i should study spanish, J.K.


"le" is pronounced a little like "lo" or "lyo" while "les" is with a clear "e" sound.

A tip: If you are not sure, use the "Slower" option. In the slower version "le" is pronounced almost like just "l". It is not correct, but this way you'll know for sure it is not "les".


Le > For masculine Les > Masculine+ plural


La > For feminine singular

Le > For masculine singular

L' > For feminine/masculine singular when the next word starts with a vowel or non-aspirated h

Les > For feminine/masculine plural


This very helpful, thanks


This is gonna sound dumb but: the 's' at the end should make you mindful of plural - fish(es). Cookie(s) car(s). And 'oh la la' should make you mindful of a female,! Ergo: la. At least this works for me!


"Les" will be followed by a "sont" while la will be followed by an "est". Chek it.


In french you dont usually pronounce the last letters unless they are vowels or end in c,r,f,l. So le and les are pronounced the same because you dont use the s


No, "le" and "les" are very different: "le" is LEUH and "les" is LEH


i think les is for a plural noun.i also think that when robes turns back to robe, it also turns feminine.i might be wrong though because i'm just a beginner


It is feminine even when it is plural as you will see later when adjectives are added. "Les" is for feminine plural as well as for masculine plural.


Les robes is plural and le robe is not so if if you know what the rest of the sentence says, then you should be able to figure it out. Like if it is talking about more than one dress.


la robe is feminine.


So even adjective words change when the subject words are plural? putting 's' letter at the end?


Yes, it's called "agreement". The noun must agree both in number ( singular vs. plural) and gender.


When do you know to add the s on the end of rouge? IS it just when you are describing something plural?


How do I know when to use sont and whem to use somme?


Little by little, you will be exposed to various conjugations that you will have to get accustomed to.

For now, you can learn that of verb "être" in indicative present:

  • je suis, tu es, il/elle/on est, nous sommes, vous êtes (formal singular and plural), ils/elles sont.


Why does it sound like the word robes is pronounced like h-obes? Is it a technical mistake on Duolingo's part or is it really pronounced like that?


Try listening French pronunciation by live recordings od French people at forvo.com


Since this is not in the list of possible translations, could 'les robes' also mean 'the cloaks'?


No. Les robes=the dresses (usually worn by girls and women) or juridical professional robes.


People have too much attitude on here. Calm down , it isn't that serious. It's an app for learning. People make mistakes and learn from them... none of you are fluent in anything overnight. Even if French is your first language, you didn't grasp the differences in English or any other language in 24hrs either. Humble yourselves. Arrogance is weakness..


when i write Adjective word its Automatically becomes les even if its female ? like a robe that need to be la robe and when i say more then 1 its les robes and not las robes ?


"las" is not a French word.

"le" and "la" have a common form of plural: "les"


is anyone else having this problem?

How can I get that "robe" to roll off the tongue and out of my mouth... how do you pronounce it correctly? Is it more of a "ho" sound or a "ruh" sound?


bubble- robe is pronounced like the NAME ROBert


The /r/ sound is not clear it sounds like the /h/ sound


Yes, but the 'r' in french is pronounced in a rather unique way. It might've sound like 'h' but infact there are many accents in french and one way to say 'robes' is like that.


When to use rouge and rouges? Is it like plural and singular? Pls help!


French adjectives agree in gender and number with the noun they qualify: la robe rouge, les robes rouges.


why is there "s" at the end of rouge? that's like saying reds


French adjectives agree in gender and number with the noun they modify.

"une robe rouge" is singular and "des robes rouges" is plural


Just a question: When you are talking plural in French, like Les Hommes (the men), do you add a "s" to the adjective? For example: Les hommes sont riches. OR Les hommes sont riche. IM REALLLLLY confused! I think you add a "s"... ANYBODY know?


Take a look just above your question.


wait so how do i know if the said les garçons or le garçon? help!


"les" garçons = LEH

"le" garçon = LEU


Is there a masculine plural? Or is les just common plural term.

Also, what are some tips and tricks for remembering to put an S at the end of rouge when there are plurals?


"rouge" is identical in masculine and feminine and the common plural is "rouges"


Is "les" only for inanimate objects?


"les" is the plural of "le" or "la" and it is used with any noun.


Are robes and robe both words but one is plural and one is singular?


une/la robe is feminine and singular

des/les robes is feminine and plural


When do we pronounce the 's' at the end of Les? I remember I heard the 's' sound in "Les hommes" but not anywhere else like Les livres. Can anyome explain?


You liaise les to tne next word, with a Z sound, when the next word starts with a vowel sound (vowel or non aspirate H):

  • les [Z] amis
  • les [Z] hommes


why is the "les" here pronounced as "le" and not "lez" ? someone please tell me when to pronounce it as le and lez


"les" is pronounced lé in front of a word starting with a consonant sound

"les" is pronounced léZ as a liaison with the next word starting with a vowel sound (vowel or non aspirate H)


How does robe and robes pronounce


Plural words ending in -s are pronounced the same way as singular nouns: robe/robes = ROB


Would ,Les lirve sont rouges make sense ? Would it have to be le lirve sont rouge for it to be right?


les l i v r e s sont rouges.

when the noun is plural, you need an -s and all words related to that noun have to get their plural form.

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