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"The tent-mates and the comrades sell the parrots."

Translation:Contubernales et comites psittacos vendunt.

October 7, 2019



The dictionary hover for "comrades" shouldn't be the same as tent-mate. I've reported this.


The term contubernalis is single nominative for contubernales (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/contubernalis) who were the members of a contubernium, the smallest unit of the Roman army, and since they served together for years, fought as a unit and shared what they carried, including a common tent, they developed deep bonds. So tent mate is not only correct, but much more accurate that just comrade. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contubernium_(Roman_army_unit) The contubernium was the smallest organized unit of soldiers in the Roman Army and was composed of eight legionaries, the equivalent of a modern squad. The men within the contubernium were known as contubernales.[1] Ten contubernia were grouped into a centuria. Soldiers of a contubernium shared a tent, and could be rewarded or punished together as a unit.


They have a hard sell after the coverage of the parrots' behaviour by DL. Mind, I don't know how much parrot meat was sold in the forum.

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A previous exercise had 'Contubernalis' as comrade. I think this is why the pull down for comrades includes 'Contubernales', which I think is a spelling mistake. This variation is NOT accepted as a solution, however.


I think 'contubernales' is the plural of 'contubernalis'


It can be used for the nominative, accusative, and vocative plural.

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