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  5. "Mereka memulai membaca."

"Mereka memulai membaca."

Translation:They start to read.

October 8, 2019



Prefix me- indicates the ACTIVE sentence when the structure is Subj + me-Verb + Obj. Ex. I eat an apple = saya memakan apel.

While prefix di- indicates PASSIVE sentence when the structure is Obj + di-Verb + Subj. Ex: The apple was eaten by me = apel dimakan saya.

Hope this helps


"Memulai" is a variation of "mulai", ie. if "mulai" act as a "verb".


Is there a difference between memulai and mulai? Does the prefix me- mean something specific?


Yes the me- prefix means that the sentance is active so it must have an object that it is refering to as in: "Aku memulai buku." if it doesn't have an object then it is written like: "Aku mulai".

Hope this is helpful



Your grammar theory is correct but I am so sorry that your example "Aku memulai buku" cannot be done (not work). We are not allowed to put buku after memulai directly as it will be ambiguous.

But, we may say, "Saya memulai membaca buku." Here membaca buku acts as an object for memulai.

Another example: "Siapa yang memulai pertengkaran ini?" means "Who started this fight?"



In short, as a verb, both "mulai" and "memulai" have the same meaning.

However, "mulai" has another meaning as "sejak" [since]. For example: Mulai hari ini, saya akan belajar.


Why does membaca not need an object? Would "Mereka memulai baca" be better?

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