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♥♥ 1000 DAY STREAK ♥♥

Yippee! I am so excited that I reached my goal. I've worked very hard to accomplish this goal. I am retired and have some health issues but I didn't give up. I am so thankful for Duolingo opening up a whole new world for me. I've learned so much these past three years. My community has a large number of Hispanics so I am able to practice. There are several Mexican restaurants that I enjoy. Great food and fellowship!

Thanks to the Duolingo Team. Keep up the good work.

Most sincerely,


October 8, 2019


[deactivated user]

    ♥ Just don't anyone say, "Ahhh...Streaks aren't important...It's the language that matters...." etc. Streaks are an incredible milestone, a personal victory and show true dedication. That being said, "CONGRATULATIONS! YOU ARE TOTALLY AWESOME!"


    Wonderfully written !!! :)


    I think that streak are not important, but it's for me alone, I wouldn't say it's not a good goal or milestone.

    Being retired, and having health problems, and being able to set useful goals is very inspiring. All is in the goal.


    Also, streaks are great for figuring out just how long you've been working on this thing. I hit a wee 60 days today, and while it's no big milestone, it made me think, "I've been working on Spanish for two months!" And that sort of made me happy. I thought it was much less than that, until I realized that within these 60 days, I've watched a bunch of Spanish-language movies, practice in the car, listened to podcasts & been to a couple in-person exchanges. While I don't know much, Duo was what got me started on all of these things. I can't imagine what 1000 days would be like, but apparently there is a "club" you can join (I see it up in the related links)


    That is very nice great job. Only 981 days to go for me.


    Well done Kathy. I am right behind you.


    I am not normally impressed with streaks, but taking care of a streak for one thousand days is quite a feat. Well done!


    That is wonderful!

    For a person in your situation, it must be great to have language learning as a focus, plus you already have people with whom to practise the newly acquired language . Well done!

    As you know, there are different types of Spanish; the Mexicans have a slightly different pronunciation from Castile (Spain) and some different words, as you can further tell through a good dictionary.


    Great job! Keep up the great work!


    Hi my name is Sophia. Could I follow you.

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