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  5. "We visit our father."

"We visit our father."

Translation:Patrem nostrum visitamus.

October 8, 2019



If "we" is the subject (visitamus), then the "father" in question is "our" father, by definition. This sentence should really be translated, "We visit our own father," with special emphasis.


But can't we also visit someone else's father?


Of course! If "we" visit someone else's father, we'd expect to see a genitive-case noun or pronoun (or a possessive adjective) showing whose father it is:

Patrem eius vīsitāmus = "We are visiting his / her father." (In context, it will be clear whether eius refers to a man or a woman.

Patrem Marcī vīsitāmus. = "We are visiting the father of Marcus."

Patrem tuum / vestrum vīsitāmus . = "We are visiting your father" (if YOU = 1 person, use adj. tuum ; if YOU = more than 1 person, use adj. vestrum )

Patrem prīncipis vīsitāmus . = "We are visiting the emperor's father."


There is a typo, it says “nostram“ instead of “nostrum“

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