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  5. "هَل غَسّان مُهَنْدِس جَديد؟"

"هَل غَسّان مُهَنْدِس جَديد؟"

Translation:Is Ghassan a new engineer?

October 8, 2019



How do you know when to add an aa sound at the end? (ex; would you say غريبor غريبة or)

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when the talk is about a feminine noun, then Ta-Marbúta ة is added to adjective. This is the general rule. However, some adjectives in Arabic do have different forms for the feminine other than simply adding ة; e.g. Red: أحمر (aHmar: masculine), حمراء (Hamrá2: feminine).


If the noun is femenine then its adjective is also feminine, hence "aa" at the end.


How would i know it's definitely (the)?

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Well, if you are translating from Arabic into English, then you notice there is no AL الـ in the sentence, so there is (usually) no "THE" in the English translation.


when did the word modern come in I wrote the answer right and was told it is wrong. what to do?


Does it make sense to you to call him a modern engineer?


It was in the male form which is مهندس you may clicked on the female form which is مهندسه

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