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"Red as a tomato"

Übersetzung:Rot wie eine Tomate

June 22, 2014

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würde auch gehen: Red like a tomato?


(Forgive the English explanation. I'm doing the "reverse tree" in English-German, and my German sucks.)

In English, the construction is "as [adjective] as a [noun that exemplifies the adjective]". For example, you would say that someone is as stupid as a tree stump, or as strong as an ox, or as red as a rose (or as a tomato).

"Red AS a tomato" means the redness is reminiscent of a tomato. In other words, it's very red. "When I told the funny story about her, her face got as red as a tomato."

"Red LIKE a tomato" is not normally said, but it is grammatically correct. If it were used, it would probably mean that something has exactly the same red color as a tomato has. Or maybe you would use it for clarification, if the person you're talking to didn't understand you. Suppose you passed a girl who was badly sunburned, and you had the following conversation with your friend:

  • "Wow, that girl was red!"

  • "What do you mean? Do you mean she has read a lot of books?"

  • "No, RED like a tomato."

I guess it would technically mean the same thing, but you would normally say "red as a tomato", using "as" instead of "like".


"Du bist so rot wie ein Krebs." Ist das typisch zum Mann zu sagen wer Sonnenbrand hat? (Entschuldigung voraus Zeit fur meinen Deutsch)


Diesen Satz kann man sagen. Er ist in Deutschland allgemein üblich. Die Frage heisst korrekt: Ist es typisch zu jemanden zu sagen: 'Du bist so rot wie ein Krebs', wenn derjenige Sonnenbrand hat?


Rot wie eine Tomare


weiß nicht ob ich sauber genug spreche , oder ist´s die Aussprache ?


"Rot, wie eine Tomate." Mit Komma wird es angekommen.


Warum as und nicht like? Zu einem anderen Satz wurde erklärt man nimmt like immer wenn es um einen Vergleich geht. Das ist doch aber ein Vergleich: Rot, wie eine Tomate


(Like: bedeutet auch (mag))

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