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  5. "Quomodo nato?"

"Quomodo nato?"

Translation:How do I swim?

October 8, 2019



Welp, he's dead.


Could it mean both "How" meaning the mean: I swim with my arms (or whatever), and the opinion about it :How was the way I swim, or something like that?

If the first meaning is true "How can I swim?" =with which means, could be accepted?


No, I think with the "-modo" in the question, we're asking for "in what manner," i.e., well or badly or swiftly or the like.

Quo nato?, or Quo instrumento nato?, would be the way to ask about the means used (bracchiis, with arms; manibus pedibusque, with hands and feet, etc.).


"How am I swimming?" was not accepted.


The speaker says nātō, but the correct pronunciation is natō.

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