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  5. "Mangoes are fruits."

"Mangoes are fruits."

Translation:Maembe ni matunda.

October 8, 2019



What about "Maembe yako matunda"?


That is not correct Swahili. -ko, -po, and -mo indicate where something is. Ni (kuwa) is used when describing what the subject is. In English (and many other languages) there is no distinction between these two uses of the verb 'to be'.


As I recall, this usage was common among my peers when I lived in Mwanza 2010 - 13. What I can find attested quickly online is that "Niko tayari" is very common usage. Are you saying that that's also incorrect usage?


direct translation doesn't always work out how you think. "-ko" are used for either locations or states of being, among other uses.

  • Niko nyumbani - I am at home
  • Uko wapi? - Where are you?

Also remember that just as the verb "to be" has many contexts, it translates to many forms in Swahili. "Is/Am/Are" in present tense is always "ni" (when used to describe what/who something/someone is)

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