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Where exactly should the verb be?

I've come across multiple instances of the verb being placed either at the end of a sentence, or after the subject (the person that does it).

I'm not sure when to use either of these, could someone explain

July 26, 2012



In a normal sentence the word order is: subject-verb. In a subordinate clause the verb is moved to the end: "ich H¨ORTE von seiner Schwester, dass er noch nicht nach Hause gekommen IST.


Upon searching the subordinate clause, I came across a long list of words that indicate it (like after, though, than, that).


So in any sentence that doesn't include these words it goes subject-verb, but a sentence does include them then the verb is said at the end?


No, sorry, in a main clause you can have verb+subject. : "Ich habe gestern ein Buch gekauft."<>" Gestern habe ich ein Buch gekauft." Content the same, order different. It is a rule actually: when the subject is not on the first place of the sentence, subject+verb is reversed to verb+subject.


This page has a great, detailed lesson on German sentence structure: http://www.deutschseite.de/grammatik/satzstellung/satzstellung.html


followed vivace160 advice, went to a wonderful page. Thanks a lot.

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