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  5. "Η δημοφιλής διαφήμιση."

"Η δημοφιλής διαφήμιση."

Translation:The popular advertisement.

October 8, 2019



Guys we had clear that "popular" and "famous" are NOT the same. These words are not interchangeable because Boris Johnson, for example, is "famous" but not "popular" instead of Ivan, my dog, which is "popular", but not "famous". The system says, another correct answer is: "the famous advertisement", I disagree. The word "δημοφιλής" and "διάσημος" have different meanings.

Your friend Kleanthes 🤣


At least as for the Greek part, I agree: δημοφιλής and διάσημος have different meanings.


We agree but where does the system say "the famous advertisement" our database has only "the popular advertisment". let us know where you saw this so we can edit it.


Dear Jaye, as I wrote in the above message the system says "another correct answer" which means to me that if I had written "The famous advertisement" it would also have been acceptable.

You see my teacher, since I stopped hunting for "green screens" I started reading the comments on the lower side of the screen. 🙂

Did I use correctly the "tenses" above this line? 🤣

Your friend Kleanthes


    10/10 for the tenses. :) I'd only change "it would also have been acceptable" to "it would have also been acceptable".


    This is my problem, I have too many words in my mind, but in bulk, without a syntax. For the same reason I avoid to speak or write "by heart", to use a term I recently learned.

    Thanks for the lesson Mr D_..

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