"Io non mi sento bene."

Translation:I do not feel well.

April 22, 2013

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I wrote, "I do not hear well" and was marked wrong. Since sentire can mean to hear and to feel, how do I know which English verb to use? Is the key the use or absence of the reflexive pronoun?


Yes; the reflexive means to feel about oneself, or rarely to hear oneself. For instance, it could have been "Non mi sento bene quando parlo" (I can't hear myself well when I talk), but it's "Non mi sento sicuro" (I don't feel safe/sure) or "Non mi sento un eroe" (I don't feel like a hero). It's usually about emotions or states of being, for instance "I feel a pain" would be "Sento/provo un dolore", with no reflexive.


Grazie mille


Thank you for the explanation, I have responded with "I can't hear myself well" and it was marked wrong.


Why not "Io non sent bene"? why the 'mi' before sento?


Mr. Stark, I'm not feeling well...


"I don't feel well" doesn't work. Can anyone explain why?


I feel like the word "mi" is not so useful here. Under which circumstances we use mi, ti,vi etc in the phrase. In this case it seems to me right to say: "Io non sento bene" or "non mi sento bene".

Your advice please. Kleanthes


Why is this sentence not reflexive?


"I don't feel myself well" - is it wrong? I'm not native English!

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