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  5. "In atrio sellas colligimus."

"In atrio sellas colligimus."

Translation:In the atrium we collect chairs.

October 8, 2019



I think it would be just as accurate to say we "gather" chairs in the atrium.


Retrieving chairs from wherever and then assembling retrieved chairs in the atrium.

Collēctus having been gathered or collected • From Colligō gather, collect • From Con- + Legō ( choose, select, appoint, collect, gather, bring together, read )

Gather From Middle English Gaderen From Old English Gaderian ( to gather, assemble ) From Proto-Germanic Gadurōną ( to unite, gather, bring together ) • From PIE gʰedʰ- ( to unite, assemble, keep )


Collecting chairs seems weird. How an English speaker would understand this? (except gathering)


"Collecting chairs" could be taken to mean: you have a hobby of collecting interesting or rare chairs.


It is was I suspected, definitely weird (but who are we to judge?)

Even if a collection of chairs is something that can be made, it makes the use of "gather" here better, and sounding more natural.


Only times I can think of 'collecting chairs' being used in my experience is with stackable chairs when putting them away.


OK. I suppose that someone might say it like that, but I think it more likely that it would be 'we collect chairs in the atrium.' Why is this not acceptable.
Whilst I am on this, why have the choices in the report menu been reduced to three?


It's acceptable, so report it if it's not accepted.
They don't have any power on the exercises form, sometimes devs take fun in putting us in test groups for A/B tests.


What does this sentence mean?

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