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Other sites I use for learning German :)

[deactivated user]

    Other than Duolingo, there are many other sites I use for learning German. I hope you find them useful like I did:

    Are there any other sites you use that weren't mentioned in here? Post them below! :D

    June 22, 2014


    [deactivated user]

      Thank you! This is a really good site!


      Also - I love polandball.


      I love Toms Deutschseite as well and use it quite often. The topics are well organized!


      Here's a list of German Internet radio stations: http://home.comcast.net/~dkalischer/WebRadio/DeutscherRundfunk.htm

      And here's Deutschlandradio: http://www.deutschlandradio.de/


      I like Radio 7 - Mehr Hits von Heute im besten Mix www.radio7.de/


      I enjoy SlowGerman.com. I love her voice and there are things there for beginners through teachers.


      I also strongly recommend slowgerman.com. Annik speaks very clearly, and the podcasts, in addition to being good language learning tools, cover all sorts of interesting topics about life in Germany.





      Btw, have you looked up Extr@ German on Youtube? It's an educational video series. The dialogue is all beginner level. They also have French, Spanish, English and maybe Italian.

      There is also The Angry Family. Funny cartoons. They have German, Spanish, French, and I think Chinese, possibly Japanese, and Arabic.


      A few that I find useful. (Some you need to pay for though but I am aiming to take exams eventually.)

      Deutsch Perfekt (Magazine, audio, exercises) http://www.deutsch-perfekt.com/

      Mein-Deutschbuch.de (I like the dictation exercises) http://www.mein-deutschbuch.de/ http://www.mein-deutschbuch.de/index.php?site=partner

      Goethe Institut http://goethe.de http://www.goethe.de/enindex.htm

      BULATS (Business Language Testing Service) http://www.bulats.org/ https://www.bulatsonline.org/appTest/home.html

      TestDaF http://www.testdaf.de/ "The TestDaF is a language test for foreign learners of German who plan to study in Germany or who require recognised certification of their language skills. The TestDaF examination is centrally developed and rated by the TestDaF Institute based in Hagen, Germany. The test can be taken at licensed Test Centres in about 80 different countries. All examination candidates receive the same tasks and the examinations are graded by trained raters."

      Edit: I forgot this one: http://www.deutsch-uni.com


      One of the most important things for me was to learn to pronounce the German alphabet. I'm lucky enough to have a tame German at home. He taught me to read and pronounce the alphabet just like the kids do in school. It helped me understand that although the letters look like English letters there are some that are different for example the German 'W' is not the same as the English 'W', German 'V' vs English 'V', German 'Y' etc.

      There are quite a few resources on YouTube such as:

      LanguageSheep German Pronunciation Playlist http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8345BD873EEE18F4 LanguageSheep Deutsche Aussprache Playlist http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0F9B6BCB3817CAC5 "Gratis-Videos zu allen Aspekten der deutschen Sprache. Eure Wünsche nehmen wir gern entgegen. Free German videos on request for anyone learning German."

      Michael Turm Das deutsche Alphabet http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6oHtU3RDDs Diktat: Wörter & Buchstaben: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2JskILjxM0 Phonetik & Aussprache: Vokale und Konsonanten http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8p6z4RWpB0


      I like http://deutsch.info :-) Multilanguage site, no fees, useful informations about German-speaking countries, dictionaries etc...


      http://www.dw.de/learn-german/radio-d/s-9671 This is a great German course by DW.I used Teil 1 to reach the A1 level.


      some youtube channels also help, such as "Get Germanized" and "Deutsch fur Euch"


      I have yet to check this one out, but I bookmarked it http://germanforenglishspeakers.com/

      I assume it's for the basics of grammar. It looks quite clean.


      http://dict.leo.org - Leo dictionary gives examples of how words are used.


      1 in 5 North American public libraries offer access to Mango Languages, a web-based language learning system. German is one of the languages offered. FindMango.com will show you the closest library.


      thanks for the suggestion. i haven't tried it. have you tried it? if so, what do you think of it?


      (Another idea, not a German language teaching site but I like cooking so I try to find recipes in German and follow them eg chefkoch.de .)


      I haven't used it myself yet, but I have seen lots of users talking about Quizlet.com. It looks promising :)


      I use Quizlet to study vocabulary and I think it's great! You can make your own vocabulary lists so you get to choose which words you want to learn and then study them as flashcards or any of the other games (Learn, Speller, Test, Scatter, and Space Race). You can find which mode works best for you (I really like Learn and Speller) or use a combination of all of them to give variety to your studying.


      I have Memrise on my phone. By the way, nice GermanyBall. :)


      Thank you, very useful!!


      I'm curious if anyone has used FanFiction as a resource. I haven't myself but it seems like there is probably a lot out there and they would frequently be texts you could get through fairly quickly. I might worry a bit about the quality, but at least you'd be getting language as used by the common person. Anyone have any thoughts?


      Completely off topic, but i enjoyed your German ball so much i created one of my own. A USA ball! Also in support of team USA in the World Cup. Hope you don't take offense to me cloning your idea :D!

      [deactivated user]

        lol, it's not my idea. Look for polandball in google :D


        Awesome! I've never seen these memes before! Thanks for showing this to me!


        I find About German to be a great reference too.


        Finally. The verb conjugations have been killing me. It's not like French verbs where if a verb has "er" at the end, then all "er" verbs are conjugated the same. Thanks!


        This is a very useful list - and here's a lingot to say thank you..


        babadum for vocab!


        Thank you so much, it's extremely helpful :D


        Not so much websites, but I use a couple of podcasts every now and again. Both found on iTunes and available for free, they're "Deutsch: Warum Nicht?" and "GermanPod101".

        The 101 podcasts are available for other languages too, I have the Danish lesson as well and it's very entertaining. Easily found on Google too if you don't have iTunes.


        I use Memrise and Quizlet !


        i don't understand " how -madchen - is Feminine and take - ein - in german " ??


        Basically, the 'chen' part means little something. So if you see it on the end of a word, the word is most likely describing something little. Words ending in 'chen' have the article Das. Which is why despite the fact typically a girl would be thought to have a feminine article like a woman, in this case the 'chen' causes it to become Das. Hope this helps

        [deactivated user]

          Mädchen is not feminine, it is neuter.


          I just started German a couple days ago.


          Good for you!! Don't get discouraged. It can seem complex and even ridiculous at times, but it's worth it! ;) Good luck We've all been there, so we'll all be rooting for you. duo Lingo will be a big help and make it fun!


          thanks so much. this is extremely helpful :D you did all the dirty work of scouring the internet for the most useful websites. I also really like that you give your own options about the sites also. thxs again you have defiantly earned my lingot :)


          wow, so many resources. Many thanks to all of you!


          can't believe i'm looking at german again. drives me nutz when i hear a german conversation. took it in jr high and high school - it's been a while!


          Ich bin nicht alt. I just type phrases from the course into google and find interesting websites.

          For example I found this:

          ICH BIN NICHT ALT Ich wachte heute Morgen auf, ich hob meine Arme, ich bewegte meine Knie, ich drehte meinen Nacken... Alles machte dasselbe Geräusch: "Krrrrräääääääääcccckk!"

          ...Da wurde mir eines klar: Ich bin nicht alt, ich bin knusprig!



          I'd like to give a plug to youspeakgerman.com which is an audio style german course that I just found and have been enjoying. Only the first few lessons are free, then you need a subscription, but I think it really helps with speaking.


          Germanpod101.com is great for working on conversation skills. It is owned by Innovative Language, however it is not totally free. :(


          for learning German I use tis website https://www.deutsch-lernen.com/ I play casinos too and have good site about german casinos https://nativecasinos.de

          Learn German in just 5 minutes a day. For free.