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  5. "Canis meus in culina est."

"Canis meus in culina est."

Translation:My dog is in the kitchen.

October 8, 2019



Canis meus semper in culina est et cibum meum vult ¯_(ツ)_/¯


My dog is literally lying next to me as I sit at the kitchen table and do my daily Duolingo lesson, wow


Considering Roman culinary habits I'd get my dog out of there post haste


Is it normal to slur culina and est together?


I was wondering if there is a connection between Canis and German Kaninchen (Rabbit). It seems not. Kaninchen is Kanin plus diminutive -chen form and comes from Cuniculus. In dialect Kaninchen are called Karnickel which seems to be closer to that root.
German Hase (hare) seems to be based on some proto-european word for grey which would be canus in Latin and seems to mean white and yellow in other languages (wtf) which would be weirdly close again, but not the same root...


Non benigne loqueris de uxor tua, domine!


With the volume on low and without thinking, I entered "Canis meus in Corinna est."


Is there some difference between "meos" and "meus"?


Hi!!! Yes. meus is for a nominative singular masculine noun, like canis.

On the other hand, meos is used for an accusative plural masculine noun, like cibos

Hope this helps!!


Canis meus in tablino meo est et amat

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