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Failing a lesson, not getting the corrected answer on the last question

I've noticed that when you lose your last heart on a lesson, it does not show you what the correct answer was, it just tells you to try again. I would love to be able to see what I did wrong on that last question!

April 22, 2013



Are you using Duolingo in an internet browser of with a mobile app? You should get the correct answer in a browser when you fail a lesson. You can also reread your answer and the original sentence when you click the text in the top right corner of the owl picture.


In the upper right you can click and see the correct answer to the question that lost you your last heart.


Thanks for the info, as I also missed this button and have been wanting the same thing! Is it possible to have a FAQ or something where one can check on queries like these - that would be really useful.


Currently there is no FAQ, but if you have questions, try the Search option in Discussions first, and if you don't find the answers, feel free to post your questions as discussions.

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