Help, how do I enable the typing parts of the app.

I am dyslexic and was exempt from Spanish as a kid. I am teaching at a school where 1/3 of my students only speak Spanish and this app has been awesome teaching me! I love learning and have been speeding right along with the app until the “write the answer in Spanish” part showed up... I know the answer but will never be able to spell Spanish correctly and that is not my goal. How can I continue moving forward and bi pass this. Thanks!

October 8, 2019


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Hi Nicole360267,

Sadly I don’t think there is a way, I am doing the Spanish tree and on the app it gives me very few typing excercises, and then the rest of the time it is just blocks.

I hope there might be a way to fix this, but like I said I have been a Duo user for about a year, and I haven’t seen a way to fix it. If you use the web computer version than you should be able to turn the word bank off though.

¡Feliz Aprendizaje!

October 8, 2019

You can switch on the web portal to the word bank (toggle button on the bottom panel).
This option might depend on the crown level.

Duolingo's way in teaching you a language in reading (and a bit of writing) is translating back and forth.

Maybe this is then not the right thing for you.

You can't really customize any challenges in your user settings.

Memrise allows to use multiple-choice, if that helps you (with the help of a Tampermonkey userscript exclusively).

There are other (audio) learning resources available like Pimsleur or LT or having to repeat the sentences like Brent's commercial learning site does it (you have to repeat the sentence aload for yourself).

VT (learning words with pictures):

The Windows application AnkiSRS allows a self-rating answer button (where you can say the target word or phrase to you and then check if you got it right)

October 8, 2019
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