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"No, the sheep is not helping that turtle."

Translation:Daor, bianor bōdro qintīr baelos daor.

October 9, 2019



Damn that is tongue twister!


Only audible, is daor. Probably qintir too


You can use "report" button for that kind of complaints.


What is this "bōdro"?


When putting bona in the Aquatic genitive, the stem would normally become -ro. This would produce bonra, but "nr" is not a permitted consonant cluster. Per the tips

When a nasal consonant (either n or m) is followed immediately by r, the nasal is deleted, and the previous vowel lengthens. In addition, a homorganic voiced nasal (d for n and b for m) appears in between the vowel and the r. Thus, what was originally konra became kondra and then kōdra.

By this process, the singular Aquative genitive form of bona is bōdro.


Why does qintīr have the accent on top?


It's the locative form of qintir. The object of the help is in the locative form. Per the wiki:

baelagon [ˈbaɛ̯lagon]
perfect: beldan
v. C-fin. to help, to aid, to assist someoneacc. with somethingloc.

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