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  5. "That woman is pretty."

"That woman is pretty."

Translation:Uʻi kēlā wahine.

October 9, 2019



could U'i be switched with nani


Other discussions suggest that yes, it can. (specifically one suggested that u'i is more like beautiful in the prime of life, and nani is pretty and for more "mature" folks. Just paraphrasing discussion from another lesson.)


When does the noun precede the determiner and/or adjective and vice versa?


The determiner should precede the noun always, and an adjective directly describing the noun should follow the noun.

The "adjective" in this sentence is acting more as a verb or action or state of being--because it is at the head of the sentence, you can kind of think of it as a verb "to be pretty", which is identical to the adjective "pretty". Thus:

  • ka wahine u'i. = the beautiful woman.
  • u'i ka wahine. = the woman is beautiful.
  • ka wahine hau'oli. = the happy woman
  • hau'oli ka wahine u'i. = the beautiful woman is happy.


I'm confused about the placement of kela and keia... Sometimes they're in the middle of the sentence, and other times they're at the end. I can't seem to figure out when to put them at the end vs. the middle. Why doesn't wahine follow u'i?


for anyone wondering about kena, the dictionary says it means "that (near the listener), you, those" - so I believe (?) kēnā would have been ok if one of the choices were kēnā wahine, but kēnā wāhine makes it THOSE (plural) women. (pls correct me if I'm wrong).


Nani should be acceptable as well as uʻi


It would be helpful if an "expert" could resolve the "u'i" vs "nani" question, please? (I too thought nani could apply to people?) (I just checked Duo's dictionary and it translates "nani" as "beautiful, is beautiful, pretty," although all of the sentence examples are describing "day." https://hilo.hawaii.edu/wehe/?q=nani showed no examples with people. I tried https://imtranslator.net/translation/english/to-hawaiian/translator/ and it translated "pretty woman" as "wahine nani." ??


Were you marked wrong? Did you report it?


Well, my comment was 8 months ago so not sure, but probably not... but knowing what I know now, if it happens again I definitely will! :)


it says the answer is u’i ‘ia wahine. shouldn’t it be kela, not ‘ia? pardon my lack of accents

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