Egyptian Arabic please

I am working my way through the Arabic course here but on various internet forums often read that formal arabic is so rarely spoken as to be found comical if used in everyday situations. While is it very satisfying finally to be able to spell out words and grasp some principles of the grammar, I primarily wish to be able to converse with confidence. Is Egyptian Arabic likely to follow in the near future? I think many learners here would welcome that.

October 9, 2019


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Well, whoever told you that it sounds comical, and he or she is an Arab, then they simply don't have any connection to their culture (to say the least).
Yes, we might not use standard Arabic in daily speech, but we use it in formal writing, at work, in academia, newspapers, reading, most ads (even though there is a wave of so-called "youthful style" and bla bla) - Even the daily speech is amalgamated and stuffed with standard Arabic. In fact, a person with specific educational class would automatically tend to use standard Arabic in a normal speech without feeling it (while those with majors in science would probably and mostly use English because this is what they teach in colleges - I am one myself).

Now, for dialects (Egyptian or others), you have to know that learning would be mostly auditory; Because I never heard of a standard form of writing or orthography for any dialect. In Egypt though, I think they have some newspapers that write articles using the dialect and there is even a Wikipedia page which is noted as (Egyptian Arabic) separate from (Arabic Wikipedia); and we find it funny in fact. I'd rather get info in standard Arabic and read articles in standard Arabic rather than doing that in other dialects. Don't wanna sound attacking, but it's a matter of class.
Then, let's take the example of the Egyptian dialect, just for instance. There are 4 or more dialects in Egypt alone. Which one people should learn? Cairoese, and consider it the main? There is no law considering the Cairoese dialect is the main dialect for Egypt. Needless to say, Cairo being the capital, many people from all over Egypt come to there to live and work so more likely you are to find a mixing pot of various dialects from all over Egypt in one place and nothing is official. The only way to learn in such culture (if you have to be there, live and work there), is probably to learn by listening mostly.
Standard Arabic, at its basic form alone, should be just the hinge that connects all parts of the puzzle together. However, I think there are many youtube channels out there dedicated to learn that dialect if you wish.

October 9, 2019

And why not clases for all the different dialects in German (20+) or French. If the standart language isn´t enough one can always stay a few years in the country to get an idea.

October 9, 2019

There is no need. Dialect mostly has to do with the auditory aspects of a language. You can learn the Egyptian dialect by going to Egypt and listening to how they speak there. The type of Arabic Duolingo teaches is spoken, so it’s good.

October 17, 2019, 4:23 AM
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