Access to my account

Registered with a Facebook account. Easy access from my iMac (not sure why but no password requested). However, travelling at the moment and cannot access my account from another computer. It forces me to log in via Facebook or "another account".

I don't have FB any longer (deleted my account) and I do not want "another account".

Any ideas / suggestions?


October 9, 2019


Sounds like your iMac as saved a login token...

Have you unlinked your facebook id from the previous Duolingo user account name?

Have you tried to login with your provided e-mail address:

Had you even have an e-mail address set in your Duolingo account settings?

You should have got e-mails sent from (weekly progress, users added you, subscriptions, replies in forum threads), probably the e-mail given by Facebook.

If you know your e-mail you can try to RESET your password:

If you have no access to your computer (login cookie) or at least to your inbox I do not think that you will be successful in logging in.

Have you set a real fullname (prename, surename) in your Duolingo settings so we or staff can find you?

Maybe you can search below the friend web leadboard (not leagues) for a valid username / fullname (there is a SEARCH button right beside "Send invite").

You can open a ticket with the "I cannot access my account" option:

But you need to be able to provide as many details as possible (username, e-mail, etc.).

Be very careful what you do with the old (FB linked) account as sometimes accounts (usernames) are overwritten or renamed to some cryptic letters; after that you will almost have no real chance to access it / use the login.

People complained that they lost progress at one stage.
I just can explain this to myself that Duo may be using/creating 2 accounts or renaming them....just wild guessing.
However, I do not do this stuff so I can't report from Google Plus / Facebook hands-on experience.

October 9, 2019

I'm sorry this happened, I don't see any solution though sorry! I wish I could be of more help!

October 9, 2019
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