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  5. "It is noon."

"It is noon."

Translation:Meridies est.

October 9, 2019



Meri-dies. Originally "Medidies" (medi-dies),
(linguistically called a dissimilation)

Medi = (medius) = between, half-way.

French is the only one I know directly from Latin:
midi (from mi-dies, or directly from abbreviated Latin form "medi")

English midday (mid-day), half of the day.
Spanish mediodía (medio = half, día = day)
Italian mezzogiorno (mezzo = half, giorno = day)

Meridiem = accusative of meridies, gave French méridien, and from it, English meridian.

In French "midi" is not only a time of the day, it's also a place (to the South), in Latin, meridionalis is also a place, located to the South. It's the reason why it gave "méridien" and "meridian". And in French "méridional" = Southern.

It's the same in other Romance language, they have all a "meridional".


hum did not know that

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