Trying to do first challenge, questions appear I haven't learned......

I've maxed out all the sections through to level 5 except for flirting and idioms. I have tried several times to complete the first challenge but I keep failing. I've not come across the words following words thrown as me:

Fait, Peut, Repondre, Rien, Hui, Porte, Toujours, Quand, Plage, Nager, Tous, Matins ........... it goes on for ages.

However I did notice a while back that duo lingo changes up all the course material. Do I just have to go back and learn it all from scratch again? Is this a bug?

I just completed it whilst writing this but clicked on "0" when it asked how much knowledge I had prior to starting DL. This still makes little sense as they should only be testing you on what they've been teaching you.......... Any help would be of great benefit because I don't want to go on if I am sabotaging my fluency in some way.......

October 9, 2019


Progress quiz, or [Tree] Section quiz?

October 9, 2019

The one that looks like a castle

October 9, 2019

Yeah, I don't know the course which you are taking the quiz from. I'm guessing French. If so, what I would suggest is going into the French (from English?) forum and ask there as you will get a more targeted audience who might be able to give you their experiences.

I believe though that you should be able to pass the castle (rook/turret/tower?) quiz with just level 1 crowns for the previous skill modules.

October 9, 2019
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I recently started the French course, and just passed the second checkpoint, but I already know quite a bit of French, so this is a refresher course for me. The first checkpoint seemed to include a number of words I didn't recall meeting on Duolingo yet, but I assumed that this was because I said I already knew some French.

If you log into the desktop version of Duolingo and mouseover "MORE" on the menu bar, then click "Words", you'll see a list of the words you've encountered, and you can check to see if the ones you mentioned aren't there. If you hit CTRL-F you'll get a search box you can use to find words on the page and simplify your search. My list (I'm on "Groceries", just past the second checkpoint, so I probably have more words in my list than you will) includes all the words you list except "peut" (but it does include "peux" (je peux, il/elle peut)), and "r├ępondre" (no variant like "r├ępondez", either). I don't know which of the words in my list were introduced before the first checkpoint and which came after, though.

October 11, 2019
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